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hey, y'all!

About Me

Hi! My name is Sydney Sinclair and I am from Dallas, Texas! You wanna talk about Buckee's and breakfast tacos? I'm your gal. Growing up as the youngest of three (talkative) girls, I found my personal voice through performance and theatre. 

I currently attend Oklahoma City University and am a Senior pursuing a BFA in Acting with a minor in Directing. In my time here, not only have I performed in shows, but have also been given opportunities to direct and write. After graduation, I plan on heading to New York City!

I've always seen myself as a wildflower artist, unexpected but blooming. Without wildflowers, the world's canvas isn't fully painted. I hope the theatre I create will add to its beauty. This vision helped me create my artistic statement: create wildflower art

When not making fun and fresh art, I can be found working out, indulging in crime tv shows on Netflix, volunteering to teach kiddos, choreographing dances in my tiny apartment, jamming out to 90's music, writing poetry and plays, spending hours designing things I'll never need on canva, creating some standup comedy bits, or playing with my kitten Pebbles.

I would absolutely love to work with you!


"Much like a wildflower, my art is also delicate yet powerful. While being a simple flower that could be plucked out of the ground at any moment, the wind will always pick up its seeds and bloom new flowers where it was taken."

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